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Bubble Soccer Games


Traditional Play is the original bubble soccer game. It’s simple: players play either 5v5 (team sizes may vary depending on the size of the field and number of players available). Game play is the same as traditional soccer, with one big difference- there are no goalies! Players try to score as much as possible and prevent the opposing team from scoring.

Sharks and Minnows

Start by nominating 1 player to be the ‘shark’. The shark will stand in the middle of the gym or field separate from everyone else. Next, have the rest of the players (the ‘minnows’) stand on one side of the field. The object of the game is for the minnows to get across the gym/field without getting “caught” by the sharks. If a minnow is caught, then it becomes a shark as well. Minnows continue to cross from side to side dodging the sharks. The last minnow to get caught, wins!


One person is “it”, and his/her job is to tag someone else. If you are touched by the person that is “it,” you immediately become “it” yourself. Now, it’s your job to tag someone else. The game usually continues until everyone decides to stop, or until a predetermined number of people have become “it”.

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