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Bubble Soccer FAQs

Where can I play?

We play on grass, turf or hardwood (basketball court) surfaces. No asphalt, concrete or tennis court surfaces. The balls are suited for both indoor and outdoor use with the temperature sweet-spot between 50 °- 85 °F. In colder climates the balls can become stiff and easily foggy while being too hot can make play less comfortable. Access to a 120V plug is needed. 

How much space do I need?

Typically 70’ X 45’ is a comfortable space for 10 to play. For reference a high school basketball court is 84’ X 50’. A full sized soccer/football field is great but definitely not necessary. A backyard is often sufficient.

Age or height restrictions?

The question is of strength and comfort rather than age. Bubble soccer is a contact sport in which players under 8 years of age may not be suited. Free play is allowing players to run around and have fun as they please (under supervision) and may suite younger players better. Our smaller balls our suited for players about 4’6” and up to about 5’6” with our large balls work well for players from 5’7” to about 6’6”. There are exceptions and limitations to these guidelines. Smaller players may use the larger balls but NOT the other way around. Our bubbles are designed strong enough for adults as well!

Is bubble soccer safe?

Bubble soccer is a contact sport like any other with its own risks. By choosing a proper location, maintaining supervision, and informing players of safe practices these risks are reduced.

Do I get full play time? 

In most cases, yes! We will always do whatever we can to expedite setup and give our clients the most play time possible. 10 bubbles take approximately 20 mins to setup. If we are playing at a field or venue with other rentals such as soccer practice or a birthday party booked before or after us, we must be courteous to the other parties and be on/off the field at the appropriate times. Some people elect to rent an extra hour or so to put some time before and after their rental as “padding” to allow for a leisurely entrance and exit.


Golf Indigo is fully insured. All players must have a parent or guardian sign a waiver. This waiver will be included in the confirmation email upon booking. Our suggestion is to have these signed beforhand in order to get the most play time.

Bubble FAQ


$300 for the first hour, $75 for each additional hour 

1hr          2hrs         3hrs         4hrs      

$300       $375        $450         $525      

Packages include: 6 -12 Bubble Balls, cones, soccer balls & referees.

*Rentals are subject to $60 setup and delivery fee*

A $50 deposit is required to secure your date.

Bubble price
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