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Bubble Soccer Safety

  • We recommend consulting a physician prior to playing Bubble Soccer. Bubble balls are for use only by persons healthy enough for vigorous physical activity.

  • Not for use by pregnant women or persons with medical conditions including but not limited to: asthma, claustrophobia, heart conditions, seizures, vertigo, arthritis, and neck, knee, joint or back problems.

  • All participants under 18 must have adult supervision.

  • Not for use with more than one person in a single KnockerBall at the same time.

  • Not for use by persons under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or disorientating medication.

  • Not for use on pavement, ice, or rocky terrain.

  • Not for use near streets or roads with automobile traffic.

  • Not for use in water.

  • Not for use on hills, slopes, or for jumping from higher surfaces such as roof tops, diving boards etc.

  • Always play Bubble Soccer on a level grass surface or padded floor within a large enclosed area.

  • Always properly adjust and wear the shoulder straps and firmly grasp the inner handles.

  • Always remove eyeglasses and any sharp or heavy objects from clothing before use.

  • Always wear proper footwear.

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