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A Hole in One!

Mini Golf FAQs

Mobile mini golf? How does that work?

Simple! Golf Indigo delivers a mini golf course, right to your party! Based on your specific event needs, we provide a course ranging in size from 1-9 mini putt holes. Your rental comes complete with all the putters, balls, and scorecards that you and your guests need get playing!

How much space do I need?

We pride ourselves on being the life of your party! Although we also have the ability to be a smaller part of your big day! A small footprint of 8'x 2' is needed for each mini putt hole. All nine holes can be comfortably set up within a 20'x 30' space, requiring a minimum of 20' x 20'. 
We can provide a course that fits your event just right!

How long does it take to set up?

Our courses are designed for a quick set up! Typically 15 to 30 minutes are needed.

Mini golf FAQ

LED Light Golf


Events come in many shapes and sizes, so do our packages! Ask for a custom quote that fits your parties size and length.  


                                          4-Hour  8-Hour 


1-Hole Classic Mini          $183     $243

4-Hole Classic Mini          $359     $459

9-Hole Classic Mini          $409     $559

Mini Golf Attendant (Optional)         Please inquire 

 1- Hole LED Golf            $199      $259

 4- Hole LED Golf            $409      $509

 9- Hole LED Golf            $509      $659

Price list is intended as reference, nature of event requirements may effect expenses. 

 *Rentals are subject to a $60 delivery fee.

Mini Golf Pricing
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